Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Semi-Underground "Stamp Of Approval" List

Wiz Khalifa: This artist is from Pittsburg and he has generated well more than enough buzz for his city. You might have caught him in the source and xxl magazines recently, but most importantly his single "Say yeah" has put him on the map. He has a new mixtape out, but idk what it's called (Flight School I think IDK) but this dude is nice AND he makes hot songs. I'm sure you will hear about him soon. HIT HIM UP!

The Cool Kids: When I first heard them, I thought they were wierd but they grew on me ya'll. They make interesting music and it's different. Overall they are hot too. They rep Chicago. Visit their myspace for more on them. These dudes music doesn't even have a genre to me man. Its just them lol.

Complex (I think lol): This is an artist that I just so happened to come across when one of my friends was online. I started listening to his stuff and he is pretty good man. I think that if he makes the right moves with his career, then he will be able to build a strong one. That's all I know about him though. Look out for him.

Nikki Minaj: (Sigh) Nikki, Nikki, Nikki lol. What can I say? You a beast and you're hot! LoL but those who haven't heard my girl, ( myspace ) Listen to her. She is a gooood friend of mine man and I have to show her love. You be killin' em Nikki! My girl lol.

Charles Hamilton: MY BOY CHARLES! If you don't know who he is... Let me keep it blunt.. My dude freestyled for like 10 minutes LoL. He is a beast man. I just think he needs to make the right moves as well man as far as making hot songs and he will def be a threat to the industry in the future! Visit his page for more on my boy. Get with it or get lost.

Jovonni: HA! I don't know if you guys saw recently what I put online but, This is the dude who had a song mistaken to be by me and jay-z lol. My publicist came across his Myspace Page and pointed me to it. This dude makes some hot songs you can't even hate on him. I was a fan off of "Don't Snip my wings" lol. Like I said Jovonni (Recently spelled Jovanni by me lol)
Kudos My Dude. I want to hear the whole album though before I say you a BEAST lol.

Arcangel: Recently one of my spanish friends put me up on reggaeton. That is not my kind of music, but still I know talent when I hear it (Even in another language lol). I think he could be the next daddy yankee man but hey, I'm not an expert in that area. You decide. His Myspace
Hopefully you understand it lol.

OJ The Juiceman: I know, I know. Before you say anything let me explain lol. This dude makes some hot songs for the club man. All throughout my tour, whenever i'm in the club, one of his songs come on, right after gucci. I mean when the streets like it, you can't knock it thats real talk. on top of that, he kills mixtapes. So... hit him lol

Yo Gotti: Memphis, Tennesee Loves this dude. That's where he is from. He reminds me of like Masta P back in the day lol. Like I said before, if the streets like it, you can not knock it. So don't knock him til you try him.

P.S listen to "5 Star Bitch", tell me that don't remind you of Masta P.

Kidz In The Hall: THESE DUDES WENT TO AN IVY LEAGUE LOL. That's crazy man and about there music. I came across their music on "On Demand" LoL. People told me im late but its okay. It's just for the longest time, I thought they were copying the cool kids. I stand corrected man. Check them out!

Curren$y: If you have not heard of this name, Then leave my blog! lol This my boy man, you know what he reppin' all day. He was signed to Young Money before I even came into the picture. Now he does his own thing and PLEASE BELIEVE, He is killin' em. This is my dude and I had to show him love. Go ahead and Check him out! Curren$y

Wale: Now I can say alot about this dude man. He is abolutely here to change the music game man. He reminds me of old school hip hop, Like with a meaning to it. I like this dude foreal, Wale I been a fan man.EVERYBODY check him out. WALE

Listen to "Nike Boots" and watch the video "On Demand" and youtube it.

Chester French: The second group of people on my list who went to an ivy league lol, HARVARD to be exact. They are really main stream, not rappers so don't get confused. I can't lie though they will be here for a while with that commercial stuff. HUGE KUDOS to these dudes. they rock with star trak I believe. So you know they with the right people.

Chester French Page

You could like my list, you could love my list, or you could hate my list, but it is indeed MY LIST LOL. Just before you try to knock someone on this list, Visit their music first and listen to them (Unless you knocking complex, somebody please comment on here with his page with his songs, I heard his stuff off of somebody's playlist lol)

OVERALL thank you and in a few months or weeks I will list updates of these people and what they are doing or I will add somebody new. Til then stay tuned to the next post.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Throwback Picture Of The Month LoL

Back In My Degrassi Days In The Game Room, Ha Memories Shooting Hoops BALLIN'